Toy Bot Diaries 2 App Reviews

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Great app! I love the new enemies and more. A must buy and well worth your $2.99. Cant wait till entry 3.!!

Great sequel!

Fantastic continuation of the first chapter. Very addictive gameplay. My sons are already looking forward to chapter three.


I loved entry 1, and I was thrilled when entry two came out. This is the MOST FUN and most WELL done game available for the iPhone/iPod touch. Great music, great controls, great story, great design, etc.


Pretty fun game until it unexpectedly quits, which happens constantly

Awesome, but...

Its kind of short and for the price. I like it alot but yea, I cant wait until the 3rd one.


Great game but Im kind of insulted that we had to pay for this entry.

Great game

Found a good glitch. On boss leval magnet boot the ground and grab the ship and pull. You will drag ground whith you and hit the ship.

Great app

This is my favorite app. All my friends simply love and wish they had an iPhone to play it on too!

Better than the first

Awesome graphics, gameplay, concept... It has it all!

App crashes my iPhone 3g

Entertaining enough, until I go to load level 2 and my iPhone crashes. Every time. Always. Before and after I installed the update that was supposed to fix this.


Amazing but I prefer it longer but it was the best

Insanly awsome

This game is so awsomly hardcore its rad dawg extreme you must buy it since they changed the bugs rad game

Yeah the 2nd story

If its like the first one this is going to be fun. The only thing I dont like is that you cant turn on the boots with first grabbing something with the hands and retracting, but besides that cool

Crashes to much

Good game if you can play it they need to fix the crashes


Its a really fun game but it shouldnt be 4$!!!! I bought 2 and 3 the game is good but bad price

For me the best toy bot diarie!



The game was good, but it was just too short.

Fun but too short for the $$

The developers should consider putting these 3 games together for one low price... Fun game but just not enough.

Crash crash oh yeah crash

Crashes at start up and it crashes after loading another part of the game as u progress. Needs work.

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