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Toy Bot Diaries 2 app for iPhone and iPad

4.7 ( 2827 ratings )
Games Entertainment Adventure Puzzle
Developer: IUGO Mobile Entertainment Inc.
1.99 USD
Current version: 1.7, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 12 Nov 2008
App size: 26.95 Mb

Your favorite robot is BACK! Join Toy Bot in his latest and greatest adventure: Toy Bot Diaries Entry 2. Toy Bot begins where he left off, climbing out of the dingy sewers and into a whole new world of challenges in the sky. Entry 2 gives you more levels, more content, more graphics and maximum fun! See why Toy Bot has been called one of the best games exclusive to the iPhone. If you liked Entry 1, you’ll LOVE Toy Bot Diaries Entry 2!


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Supported Languages: English, Français, Italiano, Deutsch, Español, 日本語, 中文.

Pros and cons of Toy Bot Diaries 2 app for iPhone and iPad

Toy Bot Diaries 2 app good for

Great app! I love the new enemies and more. A must buy and well worth your $2.99. Cant wait till entry 3.!!
Fantastic continuation of the first chapter. Very addictive gameplay. My sons are already looking forward to chapter three.
I loved entry 1, and I was thrilled when entry two came out. This is the MOST FUN and most WELL done game available for the iPhone/iPod touch. Great music, great controls, great story, great design, etc.
Its kind of short and for the price. I like it alot but yea, I cant wait until the 3rd one.
Found a good glitch. On boss leval magnet boot the ground and grab the ship and pull. You will drag ground whith you and hit the ship.
This is my favorite app. All my friends simply love and wish they had an iPhone to play it on too!

Some bad moments

Pretty fun game until it unexpectedly quits, which happens constantly
Great game but Im kind of insulted that we had to pay for this entry.
Entertaining enough, until I go to load level 2 and my iPhone crashes. Every time. Always. Before and after I installed the update that was supposed to fix this.
Crashes at start up and it crashes after loading another part of the game as u progress. Needs work.
I really enjoy the toy bot series, but the second one is crashing a lot. When it starts up and after it loads.
I dont know how the game plays because I cant get Diaries or Diaries either one to load. Ive tried to get assistance from iTunes and/or IUOGO to no avail. So I paid $3.99 each for these two apps, but cannot get them to load on my iPod Touch. I have 44 other applications that I have not had a bit of trouble loading and using. But with these two games, even though I have the icon on the iPod touch, and have redownloaded them, every time I touch the icon, it acts as if its going to load and then stops.